I’m gonna shoot you straight.

As soon as I sat down to outline this article, an overwhelming boredom had me staring at a button on my couch cushion for four uninterrupted minutes.

I honestly couldn’t believe the next two hours of my limited time on this planet would be spent writing about website messaging. Pour desert sand directly into my eyeballs and this topic would still be dryer.

Which is exactly why you should learn about website messaging. No one wants to do it, you’re the chosen one. But master this and they’ll whisper your name on cobble streets, you writing sensei. ????

The Blunt Truth: Why You Even Bothered to Click Here

Let’s not kid ourselves – website messaging isn’t the tabloid scandal of the digital world. It’s the quiet intellectual in the corner, silently shaping narratives without much fanfare.

Most will scroll past it without a second thought. Yet, here you are, intentionally navigating these waters. Your motives might be a mix of curiosity or desperation. But no matter the reason, there’s a sense of rebellion in the act itself – a nod to the fact that there’s more to this unassuming subject than meets the eye.

cult following customers

Pros of Mastering Website Messaging

  • Cult Following: Your messaging can be so compelling that people will reread your website just for the joy of it.
  • Business Boom: Turn the most skeptic visitor into a loyal customer.
  • Personal Branding Boost: Become the stuff of legends, where your website becomes synonymous with perfection, competence or authenticity.
  • Leaves a Lasting Impression: People don’t remember the 1,000 boring sites they’ve seen, but they’ll easily remember the one that made them feel something.

Cons of Ignoring It

  • Lost Traffic: The digital equivalent of throwing a party and no one shows up.
  • Revenue Down the Drain: The sad sound of potential customers clicking away, their money going elsewhere.
  • Forgettable Brand: Lost in the vast, yawning abyss of mediocrity.
  • Ridicule in the Digital World: “Have you seen X’s site? I wish I didn’t.”

Sure, on the surface, website messaging might seem as appealing as listening to an elevator music marathon. But here’s the kicker: Everything changes when you’re the best at something nobody else wants to master.

The Unexpected Appeal of Mastery

When you decide to go all in on something most people dismiss, you get a peculiar kind of power. It’s the power of unexpected expertise.

By mastering website messaging, you don’t just get better at putting words on a webpage. You learn the art of seduction—enticing visitors to stay, engage, and convert. You learn the intricacies of human psychology, what makes people tick, laugh, cry, or click.

In essence, you’re not just learning how to write. You’re learning how to connect. And in today’s disjointed digital age, that’s a superpower.

By the end of this, you’ll realize it’s not the topic that’s dry. It’s how you’ve been looking at it. Time to rehydrate, my friend.

Why We Think Some Websites Just Suck

even the cat is bored with bad writing

Let’s face it: the internet is full of websites that, at first glance, seem about as captivating as the migratory patterns of snails. But sometimes, our assumptions about what’s boring or fascinating are just that – unfounded judgments rooted in our limited perspective. If we took the time to dig a bit deeper into website messaging, we might find that there’s intrigue in the most unexpected places.

Why Do Websites Often Feel Boring or Forgettable?

  • Generic Templates: In an effort to fit in, many websites end up looking like carbon copies of one another, drowning in a sea of monotony.
  • Risk-Aversion: Playing it safe means avoiding any potential offense, but it often results in bland, forgettable website messaging.
  • Lack of Authentic Voice: In an attempt to sound ‘professional,’ many brands lose their unique voice, making them sound robotic.
  • Over-Reliance on Industry Jargon: Using big words or industry-specific language can alienate a broader audience, making content feel inaccessible or just plain dull.

Real World Spotlight: The Humble Razor

Let’s talk about razors for a moment. A razor is a piece of metal you drag across your skin. Thrilling, right? Historically, razor companies would put out generic ads showcasing the “innovative” number of blades or the “ergonomic” handle. Boy.

But then, enter Dollar Shave Club. Their website messaging and initial video ad campaign threw conventional razor marketing out the window. With humor, directness, and a touch of the absurd, they made buying razors feel not just necessary, but fun.

Their Website Highlights:

  • Quirky Taglines: “Shave time. Shave money.”
  • Honest Messaging: Straight talk about the annoyance of overpriced razors in stores.
  • Engaging Origin Story: They emphasized their humble beginnings and desire to revolutionize the shaving industry.
  • Interactive Features: Fun quizzes to determine the right razor, tongue-in-cheek product descriptions, and more.

Their messaging didn’t just sell a product; it sold an experience, a lifestyle, and a good laugh. The world of razors suddenly had personality, flair, and, dare we say, charisma.

The lesson? Anything can be interesting if presented in the right way. It’s not about the topic itself, but how it’s framed, delivered, and how it resonates with the audience.

The deception lies in our preconceived notions. Just because society, or our own biases, label something as ‘boring’ doesn’t mean it lacks depth or potential. Sometimes, the most ‘mundane’ topics are just waiting for the right storyteller to give them life.

How to Make Your Website Not Suck

By now, you understand that the world of websites is vast and varied. But just being part of the crowd isn’t the game plan here. You’re aiming for standout status, right? So, let’s talk strategy.

A. Ditch the Suit: Unleashing Your Inner Website Authenticity

Stiff, corporate speak? That’s the old game. Today, it’s all about genuine connection, authenticity, and just a sprinkle of your unique flair.

Exercise: Rewriting the Bland into Authentic

Standard Message: “We offer solutions tailored for optimal business growth using industry benchmarks.”

With a Dash of Authenticity: “Let’s navigate your business’s journey together. No fluff, just the real deal tailored for you.”

Notice the difference? The second message invites, reassures, and speaks to the heart of what your audience seeks.

B. Understanding Your Visitors (With Care and Respect)

Understanding isn’t about prying; it’s about empathy. Delving deep into who your visitors are can shape a message that resonates and matters.

Activity: Crafting a Persona for Your Ideal Visitor

  1. Name Them: Let’s call your persona “Techie Tom” or “Homeowner Hannah”.
  2. Demographics: The basics—age, location, profession.
  3. Challenges: What brings Tom or Hannah to your site? What hurdles are they facing?
  4. Goals: What’s the ideal solution they’re seeking?
  5. Browsing Habits: Desktop or mobile? Videos or articles?

By understanding your visitor, you can craft a message that feels tailor-made, increasing trust and engagement.

C. Stories That Stick vs. The Forgotten Pitch

A meaningful story can be more persuasive than the most eloquent sales pitch. It can stay with the reader, spark interest, and forge a connection.

FAQ section of the website

Mini-story: The Surprise in the FAQ Section

Sarah was exploring a website looking for a new blender. Amid the technical specs and customer reviews, she found a little FAQ gem: “How loud is this blender?” The answer: “Loud enough to wake your teenage son up for school. But hey, two birds with one stone?”

A chuckle escaped Sarah as she pictured the scenario. That little touch of humor amidst the mundane made her day. And yes, she ended up making a purchase.

Elevate your website by ensuring it’s genuine, understands its visitors, and tells a story worth remembering. Because when your website truly connects, it doesn’t just attract visitors—it wins fans.

Serious Website Messaging That Doesn’t Put You to Sleep

Alright, let’s level. Your profession might be serious, but that doesn’t mean your website has to be a snoozefest. Whether you’re laying down the law or diagnosing symptoms, there’s room for personality, clarity, and connection. You don’t need gimmicks, but you do need to be memorable.

From Snooze to Spectacular: Websites that Transformed Their Messaging

Dr. Smith’s Family Clinic – Your Go-To for Primary Care

Before: “We provide comprehensive medical care services with a focus on preventative measures, diagnosis, and treatment.”

After: “Your health journey matters. Come in as a patient, leave feeling like family. At Dr. Smith’s, we’re more than just appointments and prescriptions; we’re your healthcare partner for life.”

See that? The bolded part? That’s the sweet spot. It’s where the clinic shifts from a service provider to a trusted partner, turning a routine visit into a personal connection.

Interactive: Before-and-after Comparisons

Parker & Lawson Law Firm

Before: “We specialize in multiple areas of law, ensuring that our clients’ needs are always met with the utmost professionalism.”

After: “Navigating the legal world can be daunting. But with Parker & Lawson, you’re not just hiring lawyers, you’re gaining allies. We’re here to champion your cause and make the law work for you.”

Dental Haven Clinic

Before: “Our clinic provides top-notch dental services using the latest technology and procedures.”

After: “Bright smiles, brighter days. At Dental Haven, we believe a trip to the dentist can feel like a breath of fresh air. Say goodbye to dental dread and hello to your next relaxing visit.”

It’s not about making things flashy or over-the-top; it’s about forging genuine connections with your clientele. It’s about understanding their fears, their desires, and addressing them head-on. Your website’s messaging can make the difference between a fleeting visitor and a loyal client. So, whether you’re representing a client in court, checking someone’s health, or ensuring a radiant smile, let your website echo the commitment, care, and expertise you bring to the table every single day.

run away from bad websites

The Unholy Sins of Website Blabber

When crafting a website, there’s a fine line between sounding like a cutting-edge professional and sounding like you just swallowed a thesaurus. Treading carefully here is key. Let’s not turn your website into a lexicon labyrinth.

1. Over-Complication and Jargon Overload

Ditch the syllable marathons. Your audience doesn’t want a linguistic workout; they’re here for clarity.

Bad Example: “We facilitate symbiotic client-centric partnerships, leveraging disruptive paradigms to drive dynamic solutions.”

Good Example: “We work closely with our clients, using innovative strategies to deliver effective solutions.”

2. The Danger of Trying Too Hard

Striving for engagement is great, but it’s essential to keep things genuine. Being overly enthusiastic or gimmicky can make you seem insincere.

Too Eager: “Welcome to our site! We’re not just any business, we’re THE business! The universe led you here for a reason. Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime?”

Just Right: “Ready to make a real change in your business? Let’s partner up and make it happen.”

Recognizing that boundary between authentic enthusiasm and over-the-top theatrics is crucial. Your website should reflect the integrity and sincerity of your business, even when adding a touch of flair.

Interactive Quiz: Spot the Good from the Blabber

Alright, time to put your newfound knowledge to the test. Can you pick out the website winner from the wordy sinner?

Quiz 1

A. “Utilizing state-of-the-art methodologies, we synergize with our clientele to optimize outcomes.”


B. “Using the latest methods, we work alongside our clients to achieve the best results.”

Quiz 2

A. “We’re here to sprinkle a bit of magic fairy dust on your project, whisk you to the land of dreams, and… did we mention unicorns?”


B. “Our team brings a touch of creativity to each project, ensuring unique and effective solutions.”

Quiz 3

A. “Our custom solutions streamline your purchasing process, making it efficient and reliable.”


B. “With a robust, avant-garde, bespoke solution suite, we catalyze the procurement processes.”

Answers: If you chose B in Quiz 1, B in Quiz 2, and A in Quiz 3 as the clear, effective messages, then congratulations! Your website is safe from the sins of blabber.

In a world bombarded by words, the right ones matter. It’s not about impressing with jargon or overloading with enthusiasm. It’s about being genuine, straightforward, and true to your brand while also connecting with your audience. Aim for clarity, sprinkle a bit of personality, and always, always keep it real.

Operation: Make My Website Less Crappy

Alright, enough dancing around the point. You’ve ingested enough insightful strategies to save your website from the abyss of mediocrity. You’ve got the tools. So let’s dive into the mess of your own website messaging. Time to show your visitors you’re not just another face in the digital crowd.

Quick Wins for Immediate Impact

  1. Speak Human: Cut the jargon and business speak. “Enhancing client-centered synergies” can be “Making things work better for you.”
  2. Highlight The Essentials: Prominently feature your core services or products. If you’re known for A, B, and C, don’t hide them in a paragraph about X, Y, and Z.
  3. Craft Clear Headlines: Your headlines are the first thing visitors see. They should clearly convey what the page is about and why it matters to the reader. Think “Streamlined Accounting Solutions” instead of “Financial Process Optimizations.”

Remember, every word on your website is an opportunity to connect, resonate, and convert. Give each one the attention it deserves.

Long-Term Strategies for Sustained Engagement

Cultivating a message that resonates isn’t an overnight thing. But trust us, the investment is worth it:

  1. Storytelling: Don’t just list products or services. Share stories. How did you help a client? What obstacles did they overcome with your help?
  2. Evolve with Feedback: Keep an ear to the ground. As your industry changes, so should your messaging. Regularly review and update it.
  3. Segment your Audience: Different visitors have different needs. Personalize your messaging based on different audience segments. A one-size-fits-all rarely fits anyone perfectly.

These tips, when applied diligently, can create a seismic shift in how your website communicates with its visitors. Remember, a conversation is a two-way street. Ensure your messaging invites interaction rather than just dictating.

Why Good Website Chat Makes You the Cool Kid in Town

your website is your digital handshake

Messaging is More Than Words; It’s Your Digital Handshake.

  • First Impressions Matter: Before they meet you, talk to your sales team, or buy your product, visitors meet your website. The right words can either welcome them into a warm embrace or shove them out the door.
  • Building Trust: Clear, honest messaging signals professionalism. If your site sounds like it was written by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about (because it was), visitors are more likely to trust your services or products.
  • Setting the Tone for Client Relationships: A site that’s easy to understand and gets to the point? It tells clients that working with you will likely be the same way.

The Trickle-Down Effect of Killer Messaging

  • Improved Conversion Rates: If people get what you’re about, they’re more likely to buy what you’re selling. It’s that simple.
  • Higher Retention: A customer who feels understood and valued from their first interaction (aka your website) is a customer more likely to stick around.
  • Word-of-Mouth Referrals: When your messaging resonates, visitors talk. They share. And suddenly, your reach expands because your website isn’t just “good.” It’s memorable.

In short? Stellar messaging isn’t about sounding smart or witty. It’s about being genuine, relatable, and clear. Nail that, and the rest of the dominoes – trust, conversion, retention – they all start to fall into place. So, stop trying to be the loudest in the room. Instead, aim to be the most genuine voice in the crowd. Because in the grand circus of the internet, authenticity trumps volume every time.

From Hushed Alleyway Talk to Talk of the Town

If you’ve made it this far reading an article about website messaging, perhaps I’ve proven that this topic isn’t so dry after all. So if you’ve gotten one key takeaway from this article, I hope it’s this: Words matter. They shape perceptions. They drive actions. And they can elevate your digital space from a dimly lit alley to the bustling, vibrant heart of the digital town square.

“Your website isn’t just pixels and code; it’s your digital storyteller. What tales are you letting it narrate?”

But here’s the thing. Knowing is only half the battle. Action is the main event. So, what’s it going to be? Will you let your website mumble incoherent tales in shadowy corners, or will you give it a megaphone to share epic sagas in the town’s center?

It’s Decision Time.

  • There is no time like the present to revamp your messaging, refine your voice, and redefine your online presence
  • Do you want to be the brand people rave about over their morning coffees and evening beers?
  • Are you geared up to be the business that, when someone says, “Have you seen their website?”, it’s followed by a “I have, and it’s bloody brilliant! Now that you mention it, I actually purchased from them last week.”

I challenge you: Don’t just nod along. Don’t let this be another read-and-forget kind of deal. Act on it. Make your website the digital landmark it deserves to be.

Before we call it a wrap, here’s a cheat sheet of the top messaging tips we’ve delved into:

  1. Prioritize clarity over cleverness.
  2. Know your audience inside out.
  3. Embrace your brand’s unique voice.
  4. Ditch the jargon. Speak human.
  5. Consistency is key across all platforms.
  6. Balance humor and professionalism.
  7. Use stories to connect and engage.
  8. Revise, refine, repeat.

Bookmark these, pin them up, or even tattoo them on your forearm (okay, maybe not the last one). But keep them handy, apply them diligently, and watch your website messaging transform from hushed whispers to confident proclamations.

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