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Managed Hosting

Websites live on computers.

Computers need updates.

What happens if this goes ignored?

Website Down.

A neglected cloud host instance can lead to a site crash. This can go unnoticed for weeks.

Deindexed in Google

Security issues can result in penalties in Google Search. This includes being removed completely.

Broken Functionality

Business-generating functions on your website can stop working without notice.

Bullfinch keeps the lights on.

Website Backups

Websites go down.

What happens if there’s no backup?

Restore From Backup

Websites go down for many reasons and need to be restored from a backup.

Lost Content

If backups are not updated frequently, new content can be lost.

Lost Website

If no redundancy is in place, websites can be lost forever. (Lapsed payments, etc.)

Bullfinch has your back (up).

Uptime Monitoring

Websites go down.

We fix the problem almost instantly.

Extended Downtime

If downtime is not addressed immediately you might be losing business.

Diagnose Issues

Increases in downtime might be indicative of a bigger problem manifesting.

Capture Traffic

If your website can’t handle your traffic spikes, you may not be aware of the traffic you’re missing.

Bullfinch never stops monitoring.

Wordpress Updates

Wordpress needs updates.

What if no one runs them?

Broken Functionality

Plugins and functionality on your site can break due to deprecation. This can lead to loss of business.

Security Vulnerability

If security updates are not applied regularly, new security threats¹ can leave you vulnerable to attack.

Deindexed in Google

Google can detect problems on your site caused by outdated WordPress and plugin versions.

Stay up-to-date with Bullfinch.

Website Security

Websites get attacked.

We make sure they’re unsuccessful.

Broken Website

A successful cyber attack can lead to a website with broken functionality or even a crash.

Deindexed in Google

If Google detects security issues on your site, they may remove you from search to protect users.

Personal Risk

If an attack is successful, the attacker could gain sensitive information about you or your customers.

Let Bullfinch be your defense.

Performance Optimization

Slow websites suck.

We make them fast.

Slow Load Times

Websites that have not been performance optimized typically load way too slow.

Bounced Traffic

If a website loads too slow then users will back out in search of an alternative.

Deranked in Google

Page speed is a Google ranking metric. Slow website = low rank in Google.

Take flight with Bullfinch.

Analytics Reporting

You have decisions to make.

We give you the data to make them.

Referral Channels

A business that doesn’t know what marketing efforts are most fruitful doesn’t know how to allocate their budget.

Action Tracking

Without knowledge of what content is driving action, it’s impossible to build a productive content strategy.

Lost Revenue

Decisions left unmade is money left on the table. Nothing spurs decisions like data.

Bullfinch puts you in the driver's seat.

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